National Anthem

Note: This document has not yet been verified.

In the first National Assembly, Văn Cao's "Tiến Quân Ca" (Song of Advancing Soldiers) was chosen to be the official nation anthem. According to composer Văn Cao, the song was completed in late October 1944. Writer Vũ Bằng recalled in one of his writings: "August 19th was the day our nation stood up, waves by waves, from villages to cities we could here words from "Tiến Quân Ca" and "Diệt Phát Xít" everywhere."

Before composing "Tiến Quân Ca", Văn Cao composed several other patriotic song such as "Đống Đa", "Thăng Long Hành Khúc Ca". Believing in the revolution, he intentionally composed songs to encourage people to join the revolution. "Tiến Quân Ca" was composed in the late of 1944 at the balcony of number 45, Nguyễn Thượng Hiền street, Hanoi. It was the pre-revolution time, people's spirit was seething, the news about Võ Nhai's victory made people more and more excited. Later on, the composer recalled: "Before my eyes, it wasn't Hanoi's grey skies and trees any more. I was living in a forest somewhere in Việt Bắc, there were clouds and hope..."

The composer continued: "The national anthem was the result of many years of experiences and a long time of smouldering. When I wrote, I only thought about the people, about how to make the song easy for them to remember and to sing. In November 1944, at the balcony of Mr. Văn Lang in Bát Tràng village, a secret location of the revolution, I myself carved "Tiến Quân Ca" onto a the printing stone for the first music column of Độc Lập (Independence) newspaper..."

On August 17th, 1945, a big event was held in front of the Opera House, the children choir sang "Tiến Quân Ca" below the red flag with golden star. Composer Văn Cao recalled that he cried while seeing a huge flag dropping down from the Opera House while his song "Tiến Quân Ca" was playing...

Nearly 20 years have passed, some wording has been changed but basically it is still the old "Tiến Quân Ca" which was approved in 1945. The national anthem with the national flag, red background with golden star, are beautiful symbols to many Vietnamese people.